Journal History

JCC, The Journal of Corporate Citizenship, was launched in January 2001. In its lifetime, the discourse and practice of corporate citizenship and corporate responsibility has evolved significantly.

JCC has always been wedded to a readership that makes the links between thought and action, between principle and practice, and between theory and the act of decision-making.  Where once JCC stood alone there is now some competition, but it has continued its mission to provide a home for enlightened transdisciplinary thinking on the role of business and other organisations in society. JCC's transdisciplinarity challenges the foundations of modern academic thinking which is largely siloed, sometimes lacking in utility, and is often disconnected from everyday life. Both through peer reviewed articles and the shorter Turning Point pieces JCC reaches an audience that goes way beyond the usual academic market. But this is not at the expense of a rigorous attention to evidence, analysis or narrative.

Over the period of its life JCC has been edited by Gill Coleman, now Ashridge Centre for Action Research, UK; Sally Russell, now Centre for Climate Change, Economics and Policy at Leeds Business School, UK; David Birch, formerly Deakin University, Australia; David Cooperrider and Ron Fry, Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, US; Sandra Waddock, at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, US; and Malcolm McIntosh, Griffith University, Australia at various stages, and now. JCC started life while he was at Warwick Business School in the UK, running the Corporate Citizenship Unit.